Christopher J. Kelly
PO Box 72
Auburn, WA 98071

Objective: A position in internal audit or risk compliance

Summary of Qualifications:
In my position as an auditor with the Washington State Auditor, I have:
• Performed financial statement audits of governmental entities to verify and test financial statement assertions in accordance with Generally Accepted Auditing Standards.
• Performed analysis and investigated account balance differences.
• Performed data analytics; test of controls, test of balances, and test of transactions on financial statements.
• Performed federal audits to provide assurance as to the management and use of federal funds.
• Performed accountability audits to ensure compliance with State statute, and the entity’s own policies and procedures.
• Supervised audits with budgets of 800 hours or more and reviewed work papers.
• Held entrance and exit conferences with elected officials and those charged with governance
• Conducted training classes on the audit interview process and public speaking.

Other Professional Experience
• Purchasing Director, Hilton Hotels- Responsible for all food, beverage and equipment purchases. I was also responsible for inventory control, negotiating contracts and sourcing vendors.
• IT buyer (hardware and software) at Multiple Zones (now, I was responsible for negotiating contracts, sourcing vendors and price analysis.

• Excellent knowledge of auditing standards and regulations.
• Strong interpersonal skills; comfortable working independently or as a part of a team
• Exceptional presentation and reporting skills
• Strong analytical skills; very focused on details
• MS Excel and MS Access
• Mentored/coached up to 5 personnel, many without audit experience


Bachelor of Science – Accounting. Central Washington University

Work History
Washington State Auditor – 2005 to 2014


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